Model Systems and Tools

Neural Control of Movement: Model Systems and Tools to Study Locomotor Function

Patrick J. Whelan, Ph.D., Professor, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Simon A. Sharples, Ph.D., Royal Society Newton International Fellow, University of St Andrews, Fife, United Kingdom

From speech to breathing to overt movement, contractions of muscles are the only way other than sweating whereby we literally make a mark on the world. Locomotion is an essential part of this equation and exciting new developments are shedding light on the neural mechanisms underlying how this important behaviour occurs.

Neural Control of Movement discuss these developments across a variety of species including man. This book provides practical details on model systems, tools, and analysis approaches for studying locomotor control. The editors focus on highlighting the utility of different models from invertebrates to vertebrates and the tools that each model system affords. Each chapter discusses how new approaches in neuroscience are being used to dissect and control neural networks. This book is written for neuroscientists interested in movement control.

Key Features

  • Provides practice details on model systems, tools, and analysis approaches related to studying locomotor control.
  • Discusses how recent advances in tools to manipulate and measure circuit activity affect the need for model systems to be modified (or not) to work for studies of locomotor control.
  • Written for neurobiologists studying motor control in the context of behaviour or disorders of the nervous system that affect movement.

Table of Contents

About the Editors
Patrick J. Whelan and Simon Arthur Sharples
Patrick J. Whelan and Simon Arthur Sharples
Introduction: An interphyletic tool kit to study locomotor function: Past, present, and future directions
Simon Arthur Sharples and Patrick J. Whelan

Section I. Invertebrates———————————————————–
1. Elegantly
Gal Haspel, Lan Deng, Maria Belen Harreguy, and Zainab Tanvir
2. Small Steps and Larger Strides in Understanding the Neural Bases of Crawling in the Medicinal Leech
Karen Anne Mesce, and Morgan Newhoff
3. Studying the Neural Basis of Animal Walking in the Stick Insect
Ansgar Bueschges and Matthias Gruhn
4. Locust Flight
R. Meldrum Robertson

Section II. Vertebrates————————————————————
5. Neural Control of Swimming in Lampreys
Francois Auclair and Rejean Dubuc
6. Towards a Comprehensive Model of Circuits Underlying Locomotion: What did we Learn from Zebrafish?
Adna Dumitrescu, Kevin Fidelin and Claire Wyart
7. Neural Control of Swimming in Hatchling Xenopus Frog Tadpoles
Keith Sillar and Wenchang Li
8. Xenopus Frog Metamorphosis: A Model for Studying Locomotor Network Development and Neuromodulation
Denis Combes, Keith Sillar and John Simmers
9. The Turtle as a Model for Spinal Motor Circuits
Rune W. Berg
10. Development of the Locomotor System – Chick Embryo
Peter Wenner
11. Locomotion in the Rodent: The Spinal Cord
Louise Thiry, Marie Roussel, Maxime Lemieux and Frederic Bretzner
12. Using Mouse Genetics to Investigate Supraspinal Pathways of the Brain Important to Locomotion
Marie Roussel, Maxime Lemieux and Frederic Bretzner
13. Fundamental Contributions of the Cat Model to the Neural Control of Locomotion
Alain Frigon
14. The Micropig Model of Neurosurgery and Spinal Cord Injury in Experiments of Motor Control
Brian R. Noga, Andrea J. Santamaria, Stephano Chang, Francisco D. Benavides, Francisco J. Sanchez, Luz M. Villamil, Pedro M. Saraiva, Ioan Opris, Juan P. Solano, and James D. Guest
15. What Lies Beneath the Brain: Neural Circuits Involved in Human Locomotion
Gregory Pearcey and Paul Zehr
16. A Tale of Many Models: Which One Creates the Best of Times?
Simon Arthur Sharples and Patrick J. Whelan

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