CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow
Neural Control of Movement Lab
University of St Andrews

I am a Canadian postdoctoral fellow working in the Lab of Professor Gareth Miles at the University of St Andrews and am currently supported by a Fellowship from the Canadian Institute for Health Research.

I have a passion for teaching and research and it is my goal to pursue a career in academia. My research broadly aims to understand fundamental mechanisms that underlie the nervous system’s ability to produce flexible and adaptable movements. To address this aim, I deploy a crosscutting tool kit in rodent models to study circuits in the spinal cord that control locomotion and breathing. It is my goal that this fundamental and mechanistic understanding of how these circuits function will reveal novel therapeutic strategies or targets to attenuate breathing and locomotor dysfunction following neural injury and in a variety of disorders of the nervous system.

In addition to research, I also have a passion for teaching and mentorship. It is my goal to develop a research program of my own that will be enriched by teaching motor systems physiology at undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Outside of the lab

In addition to being the primary focus of my research, movement is also an integral part of my life. I am an avid angler and outdoor enthusiast. When I’m not in the lab you can find me doing my best to get lost!

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